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Schedule for IAG'i Conference(updating from time to time)

2017 Jul 13 Events


Date:November 2 (Thu) - Novermber 3 (Fri) 2017
Venue:Daegu Textile Complex in Daegu, Korea


Date:July 1 (Sun) - July 3 (Tuesday) 2018 Takeshi ,Taiwan

Young overseas dispatch Scholarship


The joint symposium with Korea GIS Association(KAGIS)and Taiwan,will be held at Daegu Textile Complex in Daegu, Korea.
From 2015,we have decided to establish a young international dispatch scholarship every other year.Those who are planning to make an announcement of 30,000 yen per student member who made an excellent presentation at the above international symposium(up to 3 people),please also challenge this together.We are waiting for your application!

Date and Venue

Date:November 2 (Thu) - 3 (Fri) 2017
Venue:Daegu Textile Complex in Daegu, Korea 

International session 

※ The presentation time is 20minutes per person(15minutes announcement +5 minutes question /English).
※ Lunch will be prepared at the destination.

Poster session

Please bring something outputted in A1 size on the day of presentation.
※ There is no announcement on the floor.
※ Please correspond to the question and answer within the session time.

Social Gathering

Evening,Novermber OO,2017
※ GIS members are invited.

Application period

It is necessary to mail by OOOO.
Those who wish to apply include the name and the title of the paper byOOO.Please e-mail us the conference secretariat( office@gisa-japan.org ).

Application Method

Submission:Papers(PDF file/English/A4/2 sheets) Form→Template
Please copy and paste the following items into the body of the e-mail,complete it,and attach the manuscript.
Please contact us by e-mail to the conferenc secretariat.
Please unify the mail subject to "IAG’i convention announcement name and full name".
Copy &Paste from here------->
Prefix:Prof.  ・  Dr.  ・   Mr.  ・   Ms.
Subject:International Session ・  Poster ・  Both
Necessity of invitation: Yes  or    NO
Social Gathering: Attendance  or    Absence
Contact e-mail address:
<--------so far
If you have any questions,please contact the academic secretariat.

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