What is SIG?

The Special Interest Group (SIG) conducts detailed discussions on various research fields in GIS.Anyone can participate in the activities of the SIG. Details on the requirements and how to participate can be obtained from the SIG sub-committee representative.

SIG's Establishment and Continuation Method

Those who wish to establish or continue the subcommittee shall read carefully the rules concerning the activities of the subcommittees,Please download and fill in the application form below for new / continuous installation (including a list of members of 10 or more)and send it to the conference secretariat.(It is a condition that more than 10 members and representatives included more than 3 members, are members of the academic society.) It will be notified from the responsible director after the Board's review is completed,Whether or not to install .

●New/Continuous Installation Application Form(word)
●Reason for Installation(word)
●Regulations on the activities of the subcommittee(PDF)
●Committee/Regional Office/SIG accounting regulation(PDF)

Sub-committee list

Business GIS sub-committee
Representative Hiroyuki Kohsaka
Contact address Nihon University
College of Humanities and Sciences,
Department of Geography,
Tel: +(81)-3-3304-2051
E-mail :
Local Government sub-committee
Representative  Kazuhito Asano(Tondabayashi City Office, Osaka)
Contact address c/o Kazuto Aoki (Aoki GIS/Open data Institute)
Tel: +(81)-50-3580-8065
Land-use and Land Price GIS sub-committee
Representative Teruko Usui(Nara Univ.)
Contact address c/o Kenji Nishibata (Seicom Co. Ltd.)
Tel: +(81)-721-25-2728
Disaster Management GIS
Representative Michinori Hatayama (Kyoto Univ. Disaster Prevention Research Institute)
Contact address Tel: +(81)-774-38-4333
Space-Time GIS
Representative Koji Yoshikawa (Osaka Sangyo Univ.)
Contact address Tel: +(81)-72-875-3001
Maps & Spatial Representation Sub-committee
Representative Yoshiki Wakabayashi (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
Contact address Tel: +(81)-426-77-2601
Representative Shigemichu Uchinuno(Uchinuno Lawyer's office)
Contact address Tel: +(81)-9-2284-4125

Representative Venkatesh Raghavan (Osaka City Univ.)
Contact address c/o Youichi Kayama (Aero Asahi Co.)
Tel: +(81)-49-244-4032

Youth People sub-committee
Representative Hisatoshi Ai(Tokyo Univ.)
Contact address Tel: +(81)-4-7136-4302

IoT and GIS sub-committee
Representative Wanglin Yan (Keio Univ.)
Contact address Tel: +(81)-4-6649-3453



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