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Author must know(Submission should be come from the following 3 systems)

  1. Submission instructions(PDF)
  2. Submission template(Word)
  3. "Theory and Application of GIS" Submission Review System
  4. Copyright Rules/Copyright Transfer Agreement(PDF)

Submission guideline

"Theory and Applications of GIS" Paper submission guidelines

Author Requirements

[1] One must be a member of the GISA in order to submit a paper for publication. In a case of collaborative research, at least one author should have the regular membership of the association, except in the case of requested manuscripts from the editorial board.

Submission Procedure

[2] Send the following (1) and (2) documents by postmail

  1. Send three copies prepared in accordance with the submission instructions [PDF] (at present instructions are available in Japanese only). Any possible information which might identify the author's name, his/her affiliations etc. should be removed. Page numbers must be centered at the bottom of each page.
  2. Fill in the submission form.

All the above mentioned documents (1) and (2) should be sent by postmail to the association secretariat. Electronic files (PDF or MS Word format) of them should also be sent to the association secretariat by e-mail as attachted files.

  • Note 1 : Final version of electric files (at the time paper accepted) must be MS Word format.
  • Note 2 : In accordance with refeeing process, the name of electric files should be given as follows:

For example,

  • Author's_name-first-submission.doc
  • Author's_name-revised-submission.doc
  • Author's_name-final-submission.doc

Contents of the manuscripts

[3] The followings are the recommended themes for this journal:

  • Computational theories for manipulating geographic information
  • Theory and techniques of data acquisitions, structures, queries, computations and/or operations
  • Algorithms and programming
  • Visualization and/or calculation techniques
  • Applications of the above mentioned themes in computer mapping, facility management, location information service or urban and regional planning, etc.

Types of manuscripts

[4] There are eight types of manuscripts in the journal. The number written in brackets ( ) is the maximum number of pages allowed for each category.

  1. Original research paper (10) - Completed research work.
  2. Review paper (10) - A manuscript that reviews the research development or progress and gives some perspectives for the future directions.
  3. Article on database (10) - A manuscript about the way of manipulating geographic information data. The manuscript of this category is refereed in terms of usefulness, completeness and valuableness of the dataset itself. In the refereeing process, the dataset must be viewed by the editorial board and referees on the web.
  4. Software paper (10) - A manuscript that develops software products of managing geographic information. The manuscript of this category is refereed in terms of usefulness, completeness and valuableness of the software itself. In the refereeing process, the set of source code of the software is needed for the editorial board and referees on the web. In addition, the software itself must be run by the editorial board and referees.
  5. Research and technical notes (6) - A manuscript about useful research techniques. This type of manuscript is not required perfect quality as the category one (original research paper).
  6. Symposium report (8) - A manuscript from GISA symposiums or from other related societies that are beneficial to the Association members.
  7. Critical essay, explanation, discussion, book review, software or hardware evaluation (2) - A manuscript that is beneficial to GISA members.
  8. Society news - A manuscript on news from GISA to all society members (this manuscript is only checked by the journal committee without the referee process).

Important Requirements

[5] The manuscript should not have been presented in any other journal. In addition, it should have scientific contribution and/or application. It should be written either in Japanese or in English. The manuscript should be written in accordance with the submission instructions (at present instructions are available in Japanese only).


[6] Copyright of the manuscript belongs to the Geographical Information Systems Association of Japan.

Cost for Submission

[7] Submission of manuscript is free of charges at present. However, in case the number of pages exceeds the maximum page, or color printing and reprints, the cost shall be paid by the author (Reprints can be ordered after the manuscript is finally accepted).

Refereeing process

[8] The submitted manuscript is refereed by a number of experts. The referees may require the author to revise, correct or remove some parts of the manuscript before the final judgment of acceptance or rejection.


[9] Proofreading of the text part of the manuscript is done through the electronic files (PDF or MS Word files) as shown in the submission instructions [PDF] (at present instructions are available in Japanese only). Font style and layout are checked by the editors. The author may be requested to proofread the manuscript.

Final submission

[10] The first submission of manuscript should follow the submission procedure (this guideline) mentioned above. The next procedure of submission depends on the referee's judgment:

  1. If the manuscript is accepted without any revision, send electronic files (the same files as the first submission procedure) to the association secretariat. At this stage, the author(s) is requested to put the full information (authors' names, affiliations and related information) to the original files. See the step (3) shown below.
  2. If the manuscript needs some corrections requested by the referee, send the revised manuscript (2 copies) by postmail. At this stage, the complete manuscript with authors' names, affiliations and related information are required. When the manuscript is finally accepted, then go to the step (3) shown below.
  3. The electronic files (PDF, MS Word etc.) of the manuscript should be sent to the association secretariat by e-mail (however, if the file size is too large, send a CD-R by postmail).

(Please check details in the submission instructions [PDF] (at present instructions are available in Japanese only).

Submission Period

[11] Paper submission is available at all times.



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